Health Screening Programs

General Health Screening


This is a basic package suitable for all age group and gender. It screens mainly for lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and gout. Besides tests for liver and colon cancer, hepatitis and anemia, it also screens for thyroid, kidney and liver disorders.

Lady's Premier Health


This is for ladies who would like to have an overview of their general and gynaecological well-being.

Pre-marital / Pre-pregnancy Health

Ladies – from $428 | Couple – from $528

The premarital health screen is a set of comprehensive tests to identify underlying hereditary or medical conditions that may affect one’s health. It also helps you and your spouse as you embark on family planning and to take the necessary precautions and treatment.

Essential tests include screening for hepatitis, Rubella, Thalassemia, autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases that may have a detrimental effect of your baby during pregnancy,

Optional: *Pap smear, Chlamydia STI screening

* – for ladies only
Package price

STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Screen

From $468 

For ladies who have concern about sexually transmitted infections and would like a thorough screen.

Optional: HPV DNA + Pap smear screen – Human Papillomavirus

for Health Screening


Fasting is required 6 hours prior to the blood tests. Only plain water can be consumed. Fasting is necessary only for glucose and cholesterol checks


If you have previous abnormal blood test results, do bring them along


If you think you may be present, ensure that this is excluded before proceeding with health screening as pregnancy may affect the accuracy of some tests

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